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Calderdale Wood Recycling specialises in the collection of waste wood materials that can be repurposed and transformed into new products.

But we’re not just about recycling wood – we’re also about creating meaningful employment and training opportunities for people in our community.

We are actively seeking partners who share our vision and mission to promote sustainability and improve employability opportunities for local people.

Construction and Building Contractors

– let us collect your waste wood

We are building a network of waste wood partners to ensure that we can collect a diverse range of wood materials, including construction waste, pallets, and furniture.

Collections available across Calderdale and neighbouring areas. One off or regular pick-ups available (CSCS card holders).

Employers, IAG, Training providers

– building a stronger workforce

At Calderdale Wood Recycling, we believe that collaboration between employers, training providers, and IAG (Information, Advice, and Guidance) services is key to building a stronger workforce and community.

We offer a variety of learning and placement opportunities for individuals seeking to gain valuable experience in fields such as wood processing, product manufacturing, retail, customer service, admin, sales, and marketing.

Our wraparound support services, including travel training, confidence building, and job search assistance, ensure that our candidates are well-prepared and work-ready.

By partnering with us, employers can access a pool of talented and motivated individuals who are eager to learn and contribute to their businesses.

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By partnering with us, you’ll not only be making a positive impact on the environment – you’ll also be helping to create real change to the lives of people in our community. Contact us today to learn more about how we can work together to make a difference.